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Lady Gaga新歌给力 专家热辣点评
BY uiruir from 21st Century
Published 2011-02-18
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
导读:时尚教母(fashion muse)Lady Gaga在格莱美颁奖典礼上首次演绎最新单曲《Born This Way》。该单曲一经推出,在三小时内就横扫了23个国家iTunes下载冠军。让我们来看看外界如何评价这一热门单曲。

It’s one of the most blogged and hyped pop singles in recent memory. The title was announced more than six months ago, with the lyrics leaked by the singer herself and Justin Bieber trying to predict what it would sound like. Lady Gaga’s first new song in over a year – Born This Way –arrived last week. The 24-year-old made the song’s debut performance on Monday’s 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
这是最近博客中提到最多,宣传攻势最强的流行单曲之一。该单曲名称早在半年前就已公之于众了,歌词也被Lady Gaga本人提前曝光,贾斯汀•比伯也曾预测过这首歌的旋律。Lady Gaga酝酿了一年多时间的新歌《Born This Way》终于于上周浮出水面。周一,第53届格莱美颁奖典礼在美国洛杉矶举行,24岁的Lady Gaga在颁奖典礼上首次演绎了这一全新单曲。

Gaga tells gay people to live life the way it suits them. The song serves as the perfect expression of putting cultural outsiders into the mainstream.
Lady Gaga告诉同性恋者要去过适合自己的生活。歌曲完美地传递出要将这些不为文化所接受的人群推入社会主流中的意愿。

But what does it sound like? Before you tune in to listen to the music, you may want to know what the critics have said.

Reading a music review is usually a tough job for English learners. Here’s a typical piece of review of Born This Way in the Los Angeles Times. See how you can use English language to talk about music.
对于英语学习者来说,看乐评是件艰巨的事情。以下是一则对《Born This Way》的典型评论,摘自《洛杉矶时报》。让我们来看看怎样用英语写歌评。

Born This Way is massive in every way: It’s a huge-sounding single with a pulsating beat and a love-yourself message. It’s bound to pack dance-floors and blast from cars, computers and radios for weeks to come.
《Born This Way》 这首歌在各方面都很出众:节奏强劲,传递出爱自己的信息,总之歌曲很给力。它必将在接下来的几周里席卷舞池、汽车、网络和电台。

The song is surprisingly reminiscent of Madonna – recalling Express Yourself in several places and Vogue in the spoken bits – but in the best way possible.
该单曲令人想起了麦当娜的《Express Yourself》,两者有诸多惊人的相似,而在说唱语言上又与歌曲《Vogue》有些相似,但显然《Born This Way》要略胜一筹。

“It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M,” Gaga says at the beginning of the song. “Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby.”

The beat then comes crashing in and the song is off to the races, building and releasing tension in its multiple but fluid sections.

The song is an ode to anyone who sees themselves as an outcast of society. That is a theme on which the popular pop singer has built both her fan base and her own personal identity.


(Translator & Editor: 21 英语 信宇 AND Lily)
hyped  被大肆宣传的
equivalent  等价物,相等物
mainstream  主流
ode  颂诗
outcast  被驱逐者,异类
pulsating  律动的,节奏感强烈的
reminiscent  (让人)回忆往事的