Kate push Lady Gaga off fashion's map
BY 鱼遨游 from 21st Century
Published 2012-02-10
英国王妃凯特•米德尔顿和妹妹皮帕将Lady Gaga挤出了世界时尚榜单。
导读:威廉王子的妻子凯特目前的正式头衔为剑桥公爵夫人,她最近蝉联时尚热词榜桂冠,而造型夸张的流行歌手Lady Gaga却没能跻身榜单。

Britain's Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa have bumped Lady Gaga off the international fashion map.
英国王妃凯特•米德尔顿和妹妹皮帕将Lady Gaga挤出了世界时尚榜单。

The wife of Prince William, now formally known as the Duchess of Cambridge, topped a fashion buzzword list for a second year running while outrageous pop star Lady Gaga disappeared from sight.
威廉王子的妻子凯特目前的正式头衔为剑桥公爵夫人,她最近蝉联时尚热词榜桂冠,而造型夸张的流行歌手Lady Gaga却没能跻身榜单。

The Global Language Monitor (GLM), which tracks print, electronic and social media for top words and phrases, said on Wednesday that "The Duchess Effect" was its top fashion word for 2012.

Kate's sister Pippa Middleton -- who made waves as a bridesmaid at the Duchess' London wedding last year -- also made the list. "Pippa's Bum" came in at No.5, reflecting what the GLM said was the "absurdly large media interest in the Duchess's sister in general and her bum in particular."

The Duchess can sell out a fashion line in 24 hours just by wearing a dress or sweater from a retail store at a public event. Indeed, her style choices have influenced a more feminine look all round in fashion.

"The Duchess Effect appears to extend much further than the economic impact of Kate's fashion choices; this year the fashion landscape seems to be a brighter, more accessible place with the styles more colorful, feminine and graceful than we've observed in many years," said the Global Language Monitor's fashion expert Bekka Payack.

It's the first time the same person has come atop the GLM's annual fashion buzzword list for two years running.

Lady Gaga, whose outfits have ranged from a raw meat dress to one of black gaffer tape, was in second place last year and topped the list in 2010.
Lady Gaga在2010年曾高居榜首,去年排名第二。她曾身着生肉装,还曾用黑胶带贴胸,造型夸张。

But she failed to make the current lineup, which included words like peplums, braids, pajamas and paisleys among the Top 10.

"The novelty (and shock value) of Lady Gaga's outrageousness has worn off. Entertainers such as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Katy Perry are also creating new personas with creative fashion choices -- and setting new trends," Payack said.
帕亚克说:“Lady Gaga出人意料的创新(和令人震惊的价值)已经逐渐消逝了。尼基•米纳什、坎耶•韦斯特、凯蒂•佩里等娱乐明星也在用有创意的时尚选择创造新的风格,开创新的流行趋势。”

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