Customs on either side of the Atlantic
BY TracyL_21 from 21st Century
Published 2014-05-13


We all know that Britain and the US are two countries connected by a common language. But in fact, the differences are more fun to observe, as BBC did in a recent story called 8 Situations When Britons Behave Differently From Americans. Below Teens has picked out four for you. Take a look.

1. When someone knocks into you

If someone bumps into an American, the victim will most likely look the accidental aggressor in the face and expect an apology. If, however, the victim happens to be British, chances are that the victim will say “sorry” before the other can make his or her own apology.

2. When you get dressed for dinner

Britons don’t all change into evening dress for supper like what you may have seen in popular TV shows like Downton Abbey. But they do tend to make an effort when going out for dinner somewhere nice. Americans, however, will probably wear a casual shirt to a fancy eatery.

3. When you don’t finish your food

Britons wouldn’t think to take the leftovers home when dining out at a restaurant. They think the food is somehow “tainted” once they’ve poked at it with a knife and fork. In the US, wrapping it up to take home is a standard practice.

4. When you get into a taxi

Britons will give the cab driver an address, then assume that’s it for the interaction until it’s time to pay. Even if they’re being taken in a roundabout way, they’re very unlikely to say anything. In the US, however, most passengers think nothing of telling the driver what route to take after telling him or her the destination.

(Translator & Editor: 21英语 Sara AND Aaron)