Speaking of Chinese culture
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2017-04-05


You may learn about traditional Chinese culture at school. But can you introduce them in English? Last month, a group of students did just that.

From March 24 to 26, a big speech competition took place in Nanjing. It was the 15th China Daily “21st Century·New Oriental Cup” National High School and Primary School English Speaking Competition (第15届中国日报社“21世纪·新东方杯”全国中小学生英语演讲比赛).

Sixty-two finalists competed in the junior group this year. Many of them talked about traditional Chinese culture.

The topic of the semi-final (半决赛) was The Best Gift We Can Give Others Is ... The first runner-up (亚军) Li Lianru is a 13-year-old girl from Beijing. She said in her speech that “the heart of an infant (赤子之心)” was the best gift. These words come from Mencius (孟子). It means we should listen to our heart when facing the outside world.

What the champion spoke about

Wen Xinrui, a 15-year-old girl from Shanghai, is the grand champion. She shared her experience of learning Chinese brush painting. The topic of the final was The Most Beautiful Verb in the World Is ... Wen’s answer was “learn”. That’s because in painting hills and rivers, she tried to combine (结合) Chinese traditional ways with Western ones. The result was great and she found learning to be such a beautiful thing.
来自上海的15岁女孩文欣蕊是本次比赛的初中组冠军 。她分享了自己学习国画的经历。决赛的题目是“世界上最美的动词是……”。而文欣蕊的答案则是“学习”。因为在描绘山水时,她尝试着将中国传统画法和西式画法结合起来。这样的画法取得了很棒的效果,而她也发现学习是件很美的事。

The judges (评委) were also happy about this. “Chinese students should be proud of our own culture,” said Wu Minsu, Professor from Communication University of China. “I hope they will tell more people across the world about stories of China through their great English.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)