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BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2018-04-27
Streetwear is popular with people all over the world, from students to celebrities. CFP

Look inside any fashion lover’s closet and you’re likely to find baseball caps, sneakers, hoodies, and T-shirts, as the rise of streetwear has become one of the biggest storylines in fashion in the last few years.

A recent study done by US investment company Piper Jaffray found that when shopping for clothes, American teenagers tend to buy streetwear, which combines influences from hip hop, skate and celebrity cultures.

Streetwear isn’t only about cool clothing, but also about gaining recognition.

Today’s young people are looking for fashion items that show off both their style and their status. “There’s a lot of interest today in exclusive products,” US sneaker expert Matt Powell told Retail Dive. “You have the younger shoppers, who are concerned about being unique and having a product that others don’t have.”
现在的年轻人寻求的是能够彰显自我风格和地位的时尚单品。“如今人们对独家产品有很大的兴趣,”美国运动鞋专家马特·鲍威尔在接受Retail Dive网站采访时表示。“你会面对更年轻的顾客,他们关注独一无二的个性,希望拥有他人没有的产品。”

When a popular brand releases a streetwear item like a hip hop artist drops a mixtape, chances are that there will be a lot of young people queuing to buy it.

The relationship between streetwear and hip hop dates back to the 1990s. When young black and Latino people in the US experienced various forms of racial and class inequality, their music became their shelter and their clothes became their uniform. “Hip hop was the genre of music where it was accepted, promoted, and preferred that the artist looked like the fan,” US fashion lover Frank Rivera told streetwear site Highsnobiety.“With any other genre of music there was a costume or some sort of uniform that separated the entertainer from the average person.”

Similar to hip hop, skating has roots in black and Latino communities. But during the last three decades, skating has attracted attention from both the fashion industry and celebrities.

In his 2002 song Rock Star, US rapper Pharrell Williams wore a skate T-shirt, and performed with skaters all around him. The music video was a hit and went on to strengthen the relationships among hip hop, skating and streetwear.

Valuing individual expressions, both hip hop and skating have their own styles that influence streetwear fashion. “Because they don’t want to blend in, they come up with the style that will speak up where they are from and who they are representing,” skating blog Skatecide noted.
嘻哈和滑板都重视自我表达,并通过自己的方式对街头潮服时尚产生影响。“因为它们不想融入,所以形成了一种能够大声宣告其来源以及所代表人群的风格,”滑板博客Statecide 指出。

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Closet  衣橱
Hoodies  帽衫
Status  身份
Racial  种族的
Genre  种类
Average  平常的
Strengthen  巩固
Individual  个人的
Blend in  融入