Lady Gaga stars in new film
在这部电影中,Lady Gaga做回了自己
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2018-10-25
Gaga’s starring role is similar to her own start in the music industry. TNS
导读:说起Lady Gaga,或许不少人都会想到她穿着奇装异服的怪异样子。而在她主演的新片《一个明星的诞生中》,她让观众们看见了真实的自己。

She is always linked to strange clothing and heavy makeup. In fact, Lady Gaga is so indispensable of exaggeration and strangeness that in China, the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” has replaced “Oh my God” as a cute way to express shock or stress a point.
她总是和奇装异服、浓妆艳抹联系在一起。事实上,正因为Lady Gaga 身上不可或缺的夸张和怪异,在中国“噢我的Lady Gaga”这种说法已经取代了“噢我的天啊”,成为一种表达震惊或者强调某事的可爱方式。

However, in the movie A Star is Born, which came out in the US earlier this month, people finally get to see a more down-to-earth version of Lady Gaga.
然而,在本月初于美国上映的电影《一个明星的诞生》中,人们终于看到了一个更切合现实的Lady Gaga。

“You can see her skin, the flutter in her veins, which brings you close to her, and can make both the actress and her character feel touchingly vulnerable,” The New York Times noted.

In the film, Lady Gaga plays the role of Ally Campana, a young woman whose rise to fame is much like Lady Gaga’s. Campana goes from being a waitress to a superstar with the help of musician Jackson Maine.
电影中,Lady Gaga饰演艾利·坎帕纳一角,这位年轻姑娘像Lady Gaga一样名声大振。坎帕纳在音乐人杰克逊·梅因的帮助下,从服务生变成了巨星。

Rising to fame isn’t easy for anyone. This is also the case for Campana. In addition to performing, she has to learn to cater to certain audiences and markets. For example, she has to follow her agent’s advice on becoming a commercial star, even though she wants to stay “real”.

But that was never a problem for Lady Gaga. “If they wanted me to look sexy, I wanted to look weird,” she told Variety. “I always wanted to define what it meant to be me and I always had something to say and I always made sure that no one stood in my way when I wanted to say it.”
但对于Lady Gaga而言,这些从来都不是问题。“他们想要打造性感人设,而我想要呈现奇异的样子,”她在接受《综艺》杂志采访时表示。“我向来都想要明确自己的意义,我总是有想表达的东西,当我想要发声时,我一直确信没人能够阻拦我。”

Lady Gaga’s determination to be her true self can also be seen in her devotion to the film’s music.
Lady Gaga保持真我的决心也体现在她对这部电影音乐的投入上。

Music is definitely an important part of the film, as it shows how the lead characters’ feelings change over time. In most other musical films, the actors and actresses will use songs recorded by others. But as a musician herself, Lady Gaga chose to sing all 18 of the original songs by herself in the film. This makes the film flow smoothly and naturally.
音乐在这部电影中无疑是重要的一部分,体现了主角随着时间流逝心境上的变化。在其他大多数音乐电影中,演员们的歌曲都由他人演唱。但作为一名音乐人,Lady Gaga选择为电影的18首原创歌曲亲自献声。这让整部电影的节奏流畅又自然。

It was “just like walking into another Oscar award-winning 2016 film La La Land, traveling through intoxicating songs and moving emotions,” according to Rotten Tomatoes, a US film review website.

Lady Gaga’s contributions to the film led its director to praise her as a “beautiful human being”. Film editor Ella Kemp told USA Today, “I’d like to formally apologize for ever doubting that Lady Gaga is absolutely out of this world. A Star is Born celebrates the woman, as it should – along with every noble ambition of love and music and patience and loyalty, bursting with pain and wonder.”
Lady Gaga对电影的贡献令导演盛赞她是一个“美丽的人”。电影编辑艾拉·肯普在接受《今日美国》采访时表示,“我曾经质疑Lady Gaga是否绝对出色,我想向她正式道歉。《一个明星的诞生》理所当然地歌颂了女性 —— 以及所有对于爱、音乐、耐心与忠诚的可贵追求,其中有痛苦也有奇迹。”

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Indispensable  不可缺少的
Exaggeration  夸张
Version  版本
Flutter  颤动
Veins  血管
Vulnerable  脆弱的
Rise to fame  名声大振
Cater to  迎合
Commercial  商业的
Weird  怪异的
Intoxicating  令人陶醉的
Contributions  贡献
Ambition  追求
Loyalty  忠诚