Finding good in the bad
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2018-12-27
Looking back over 2018 it might be better not to speak of “ups and downs”, but of “downs and downs”. The year seems to have been one piece of bad news after another.

It had terrible disasters – two were Typhoon Mangkhut, which brought widespread damage to multiple countries this summer, and the wildfire in California, the deadliest in the state’s history, which took at least 85 lives.
可怕的灾难—— 比如,台风“山竹”今夏肆虐,给多个国家造成了破坏,而加州则发生了美国历史上最具破坏性的山火,导致至少85人丧生。

In 2018 we also lost some of the top minds of humanity, including UK physicist Stephen Hawking, Chinese kung fu fiction writer Louis Cha Leung-yung, better known as Jin Yong, and Stan Lee, the US comic book writer who created the Marvel universe.

This is why it comes as a warm surprise that, according to Google’s “Year In Search 2018”, people spent a lot of time searching for the “good” on the internet. According to the video, which was released on Dec 12, people wanted to find answers to questions like “how to be a good friend”.

In the video, we see the moment when a deaf child hears his mother’s voice for the very first time. We see footage of the Thailand boy soccer players after they were rescued from a flooded cave with the help of volunteering divers from all over the world. And we see scenes from Crazy Rich Asians, a rare US movie with an all-Asian cast.

“On an everyday basis, we seem to miss all the good in the world,” wrote reporter Raka Mukherjee on News 18. “The video shows us how, even in times of adversity, there is good – if only one makes the effort to look for it.”
“在日常生活中,我们似乎错过了世界上的一切美好,”记者Raka Mukherjee在News 18网站上写道。“这段视频告诉我们,即便身处逆境,美好的事物依然存在 —— 只要你努力去寻找。”

So, it may be true that the past year was full of “down” moments. But it doesn’t mean that we’re letting it bring us down with it. As is said in the video, “The world is filled with people trying to do the best they can.”

In 2018, the world was miserable. But we did good.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Footage  镜头
Divers  潜水员
Adversity  困境
Miserable  悲惨的