Traveling alone
你今天me time了吗?
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-02-11
导读:随着单身人群越来越多,“一人食”和“一个人旅行”也渐渐成为了热门趋势。就连英国王妃梅根也为这种“个人专属时间”(me time) 打call呢~

If you’ve ever traveled with other people, chances are you’ve had to make compromises. When you want to get up early to watch the sunrise, for example, your friends may argue that getting enough sleep is more important. And when you want to try the exotic food, your friends might say it looks weird and drag you to a Chinese restaurant instead.

This is probably why more people these days are choosing to travel alone. According to reports on holiday habits from the Association of British Travel Agents, the percentage of people in the UK who take solo trips has been increasing, from 6 percent in 2011, to 12 percent in 2017, and to 15 percent in 2018. Most of these people said they choose to travel alone because this allows them to “do what they want”.

In fact, traveling alone is only a part of a recent trend of people wanting to take more time alone – or what’s called “me time”.

“Imagine yourself as a full jug of water and everything and everyone else that demands your attention is an empty glass. When you provide what is needed to them you are draining your own water supply,” editor Nicole Lyons wrote for mental health social network PsychCentral. “But how are you refilling your jug? This is where your ‘me time’ comes in.”

However, it’s still quite a common belief that those who do things alone are losers and that they’re alone simply because they don’t have anybody to be with. But why can’t people just be enough for themselves?

The now Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle once wrote on her blog in 2016 about how she enjoyed taking herself out to dinner and traveling alone.

“It’s not easy. But it’s important,” she wrote. “To be present and to power through the feelings that waffle through your head and heart of loneliness and boredom. Let that stuff go. Enjoy it alone.”

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Compromises  妥协
Weird  奇怪的
Drag  拖曳
Solo  单独的
Trend  趋势
Demands  需要
Draining  流干
Waffle  蜂拥