Time to end loneliness
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-02-13


A round face, big eyes, soft fur and a quiet purr. It’s not easy to resist the company of an adorable cat. No wonder French-German philosopher Albert Schweitzer once said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Indeed, it’s no secret how much people around the world love cats. From China’s Sina Weibo to US video-sharing site YouTube, bloggers across the globe love to show off their cats.

In September, a charitable activity called “Cat Month” was held in Beijing. It was meant to encourage more people to care for our furry friends, especially stray cats.

Cats become such a big part of pop culture in China that young people have come up with cat-related slang phrases, such as “cat slave” to refer to people who adore their cats, and “a daily dose of cats” to refer to having to watch a certain number of cat videos to get through the day.

People in Japan are also huge fans of cats. As the birthplace of Hello Kitty and the “beckoning cat”, Japan made a “cat train” that was ridden around the country by 30 stray cats in 2017. Passengers could sit and play with the cats on the train, offering the animals plenty of care and warmth.

Istanbul, a historic city in Turkey, is also friendly to cats. In the recent documentary film Kedi, which hit Chinese cinemas in September, director Ceyda Torun showed us the daily lives of seven street cats with vivid narration. Cats there are not afraid of people. They go in and out of almost everywhere – coffee shops, markets, universities, and even government buildings. If you sit on a park bench, a cat is likely to come and snuggle with you.
土耳其古城伊斯坦布尔也是一座爱猫的城市。在去年九月登陆中国院线的新纪录片《爱猫之城》中,导演杰达·托伦用生动的解说向我们展现了7只街头猫咪的日常生活。那里的猫咪并不怕人。它们几乎能自由出入所有地方 —— 咖啡馆、市场、高校甚至政府大楼。如果你坐在一张公园长椅上,一只猫咪很有可能会靠过来,和你依偎在一起。

Seeing how cats have become a worldwide addiction, you may wonder why some people prefer cats over dogs. This may be down to how they identify with themselves – modern young people see the independent attitude of cats as something they value more.
世界各地的爱猫狂潮或许会令你好奇:为什么一些人会喜欢猫胜过狗呢?这或许和他们如何看待自己有关 —— 猫身上的独立特质更加受到如今年轻人的重视。

“Unlike dogs, who look at us with their loving eyes, cats appear to show off their independence. They ask for attention in a way that tells us that they desire human companionship, but they don’t need it,” author Marie-Louise von Franz wrote in her book The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Purr  猫的呜呜声
Adorable  可爱的
Refuge  避难
Miseries  痛苦
Stray cats  流浪猫
A daily dose of cats  每日一吸猫
Beckoning cat  招财猫
Narration  解说
Bench  长椅
Snuggle  依偎