Up for a challenge
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-05-10
US actress Anne Hathaway (left) challenges herself by playing a British scam artist in The Hustle. CAMP SUGAR

Almost two decades after she shot to stardom, Anne Hathaway is still honing her acting skills.

“She could just fall back and play some familiar roles, but she ... challenges herself to play characters different from who she is,” US actress Jessica Chastain told Town & Country magazine.

Indeed, being the daughter of an actress, Hathaway can easily stay in her comfort zone and get paid well. But she takes on difficult characters that show her range.

Since 2001, Hathaway has played a brave white-collar worker in The Devil Wears Prada, the sexy Catwoman in the superhero film Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight, and a struggling woman in the musical Les Miserables. Soon she will show a different side as a high-class British scam artist in the comedy film The Hustle, which will hit UK cinemas on May 10.

In her latest movie, the 36-year-old US actress plays an English woman – and Hathaway admits that she had a difficult time perfecting the accent. “It was a lot of sweat and a few tears,” Hathaway told The Sun. “I’ve done it before and it hasn’t always gone well, and it is so stressful to see someone struggle through an accent.”
在这部新作中,这位36岁的美国女演员饰演一位英国女性 —— 而海瑟薇也承认,打磨口音确实很困难。“那段时间非常辛苦,有时还会哭鼻子,”海瑟薇在接受《太阳报》采访时表示。“我以前也练习过,但效果并不如意,努力克服口音问题的压力实在是太大了。”

In 2011, when the romantic drama One Day came out, many queued up to pounce on her pronunciation of a northern English accent in the movie. “The actress’ every line is marked by one of the most rubbish Yorkshire accents you’ve ever heard,” wrote Robbie Collin in The Telegraph.

However, Hathaway isn’t a burnt child who dreads the fire. To prove her acting skills, she hired a dialect coach and spent a lot of time perfecting her British accent for The Hustle.

With such dedication to acting, Hathaway is likely to continue to be a powerhouse in Hollywood. After all, The New York Times called her “a nerd for acting in the best way”.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Honing  磨练
Scam  欺诈
Pounce  揪错
Dreads  恐惧
Dedication  执着
Nerd  痴迷者