Walking away from your problems
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-06-11
Actor Chen Kun says walking can clear your mind. CFP
导读:自2011年陈坤发起“行走的力量”公益项目,今年已是第九年。该活动持续倡导大家内观自我、提升自己的内心力量,传达积极向上的人生态度和生活理念。而今年的活动主题也于今日揭晓 —— “看见自己本来的样子”。

Science has identified 154 different emotional states in humans. Sadness, stress, and anger are just three of them, and they are the most difficult to control. But, actor Chen Kun says we can beat back these bad feelings by walking.

Chen, 43, started the Power to Go charitable program in 2011. On May 29, he unveiled this year’s activity, whose theme is “finding who you are”. Power to Go encourages people to go out and walk in nature, to improve their health and spirits.

For several days each year, a group of selected participants from different careers hike together in remote areas. Past locations include Tibet, Qinghai and Yunnan. Participants are encouraged to escape the daily grind to seek inner peace.

The 2018 trip to Yunnan, for example, had the motto “Each moment is the best version of yourself.” Participants tried to avoid unnecessary talking and walked in silence. “We need to be more honest, and more courageous. We need to follow our own pace in life, not to follow suit,” 30-year-old designer Liu Chang, who participated in last year’s activity, wrote in her diary. “And we need to work hard to practice more and speak less, so that we won’t regret what we are doing.”

These words show the most genuine responses to the power of walking for common people, including its initiator Chen Kun. In 2003, he became famous for his performance in a TV drama, The Story of a Noble Family. This overnight fame led him to panic as he thought his success was just a coincidence. To avoid the pitfalls of fame and fortune, he discovered the benefits of walking alone outside to clear his mind.

Finding that it relieved his stress and anxiety, Chen hoped to pass on his experience to others. “Everyone’s life is random. The only thing you can do is calmly face it, optimistically give thanks, and keep going,” Chen said in a public speech.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Identified  确认
Emotional states  情感状态
Unveiled  揭幕
Daily grind  日常琐事
Version  版本
Genuine  真实的
Initiator  发起者
Pitfalls  陷阱
Relieved  减轻
Random  未知的