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BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-11-07
US singer Selena Gomez just released her new song. AFP

Every time US singer Selena Gomez releases a new love song, people tend to associate it with Justin Bieber, a 25-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter who is also Selena’s ex-boyfriend. This time, however, the feud is between Selena and Hailey Baldwin, a young US model and Bieber’s new wife.

It all started when Selena dropped her new single Lose You to Love Me on Oct 24. “I gave my all and they all know it/ You turned me down and now it’s showing/ In two months you replaced us,” the lyrics read. Many fans believed that the lyrics were about Selena’s earlier relationship with Bieber. Soon after, Hailey posted a screenshot on her Instagram of a song called I’ll Kill You. Their followers guessed it was a response to Selena’s lyrics, though Hailey called the guess “nonsense” in an Instagram comment and insisted “it really is just a coincidence”. Meanwhile, Selena went on Instagram and said, “I’m so grateful for the response of the song” and asked her fans “to be kind”. She explained that the song was inspired by many things that have happened in her life since releasing her last album. But later in an interview, the 27-year-old singer hinted that the new song is indeed about Bieber.

Whether the feud is true or not, the love triangle drama seems to be ongoing.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Associate  联系
Coincidence  巧合
Hinted  暗示
Love triangle  三角恋