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BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2020-01-02
导读:作为全球最大的搜索引擎和广告平台,谷歌已连续多年推出自己的年度搜索视频。如今,2019年的年度总结终于出炉 —— 全球用户搜索最多的关键词是“Hero(英雄)”。

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the year we’ve had.

To help us reflect, search engine Google released Google – Year in Search 2019, a video to capture what trended. This year, searches for “heroes” – both superheroes and everyday heroes – increased around the world.
为了帮助我们反思过往,搜索引擎谷歌发布了2019年度搜索视频,体现了当年的流行趋势。这一年,全球对于“英雄”—— 不论是超级英雄还是平民英雄 —— 的搜索都有所上升。

“Throughout history, in times of uncertainty, the world looks for heroes,” the video said.

“People look to heroes to remind them of what’s good, what’s possible and what to put their hope in,” Adweek magazine further explained.

The video starts with the superheroes in Avengers: Endgame. Released in April, it became the top box office movie of all time. It is shown along with the search words: “What heroes are there in the world?”

The video also sings the songs of she-heroes, most notably Arya Stark from the TV series Game of Thrones. Stark brings justice to those who have harmed her family.

These onscreen heroes aside, searches also shot up for everyday heroes just filling their duties or stopping to help others in need. Whether they’re championship athletes, groundbreaking artists, programmers changing the world with a keyboard, firefighters saving Notre Dame Cathedral, scientists capturing the first images of a black hole, or a dog guiding the first blind man to ever finish a marathon, “hero” is the word to describe them.

To such heroes who have been a constant influence through their everyday actions, this year’s top search is a tribute, “because living a life for something bigger than yourself is a hero’s journey”, said the video.

The year wasn’t short on controversies, but Google has a way of looking at the last 12 months that makes hopeful heroism real and empowering. For everyone who made this year’s theme possible, the search engine has a message: “To everyone using their powers to empower others – search on.”

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Capture  捕捉
Trended  流行
Groundbreaking  革新的
Tribute  致敬
Empowering  赋能的