Say it right: Netherlands
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2020-01-13
The Dutch want their country’s name said correctly. XINHUA

Which country is famous for tulips and windmills? Most call it the Netherlands while others call it Holland. It’s confusing sometimes.

We won’t be confused anymore. In December, the country’s government announced that it would stop using Holland as its nickname, reported US News.

According to the Guardian, Holland only makes up two of the country’s 12 provinces: North-Holland, where Amsterdam is located; and South-Holland, the home of Rotterdam and The Hague. The nickname, however, is often used to describe the entire country.

In order to change this situation, ministries and universities in the country can only use its official name, the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
为了改变这一现状,该国的政府部门及高校只能使用“the Kingdom of the Netherlands”(中文译名:荷兰王国)这一官方名字。

According to China Daily, this measure is part of a plan to draw tourists to other parts of the country as some cities are battling “overtourism”.

In the past, instead of the Netherlands, Holland was written in the country’s logo for tourism marketing. Many foreign tourists only visit the two provinces in Holland.

“It is a little strange to promote only a small part of the Netherlands abroad, that is, only Holland,” a spokesperson for the foreign ministry told the Spanish international news agency EFE.

So the government is making a new logo, one that combines the initials NL with an orange tulip, the country’s national flower.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Tulips  郁金香
Windmills  风车
Ministries  政府部门
Initials  首字母