Indoor palace tours
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2020-03-06
The Panoramic Palace Museum program allows you to tour the Forbidden City from your phone or tablet. CHINA DAILY

With the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia going on, many have stayed at home for more than a month. Though it may have been relaxing at first, you’re probably fighting back the urge to break through a wall and do, well, anything!

It’s OK. Calm down. You can’t visit many public spaces right now, but you can use your phone immediately to do it virtually. Many online entertainment resources have been launched to help stay-at-home visitors have fun free of charge, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Online exhibitions

Last year, the Palace Museum released a program called the Panoramic Palace Museum on its official website.

By putting on a virtual reality (VR) headset, people can take a “tour” of the 600-year-old museum, going slowly without a time restriction. This means you can explore its halls, gardens and courtyards, learn about the stories behind the exhibits and feast your eyes on the museum’s famous snowscape.

“During a field visit to the Palace Museum, it is tough to visit some hidden places and view all the palace decorations in detail,” Li Bin, a museum lover from Xi’an, told China Daily. “VR technology has made these experiences possible. It helps me beat the boredom at home.”

According to Xinhua, a total of 30 museums across China have provided similar online exhibitions to people.

Livestreamed concert

Chinese video app Bilibili launched a series of music events for stuck-at-home people.

The company teamed up with the annual Strawberry Music Festival to create the Stay at Home Strawberry concert series, with a theme of “Hi, I’m at home too.” The series was livestreamed free of charge from Feb 4 to Feb 8, on Bilibili.

During this period, audiences could participate in the website’s bullet chat, sharing comments onscreen in real time.

“Watching online concerts and sharing comments with others can give me a sense of community and fun of being at a large event while being stuck at home, isolated from friends and coworkers,” an Bilibili user commented on the website.

So if you feel bored, check out these online resources. Great exhibitions and concerts all belong to you!

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Virtually  虚拟地
Snowscape  雪景
Livestreamed  直播的
Isolated  隔离