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北京时间深夜,一场特别的中美对话上演! Dialogue between Chinese and American Gen Zers held in SW China’s Yunnan
来源:21英语网    作者:21ST   日期: 2021-10-27

The Dialogue between Chinese and American Gen Zers, hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) and organized by Global Times Online, was held both online and offline in Malipo County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, on the evening of Oct. 18.
The event, supported by the Chinese embassy in the United States, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the People’s Government of Malipo County, aims to promote exchanges and enhance friendship between Chinese and American Gen Zers, so that they will contribute to the sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations.


Chairman of CPDA Wu Hailong said in his speech that the sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations serves the shared interests of the two peoples and meets the expectation of the international community. The world will be a better place only when China and the U.S. enjoy friendly relations, he noted.


Calling youth exchanges an important part of people-to-people exchanges between China and the U.S., Wu added that young people from the two countries represent the future of bilateral relations and friendship.
He hopes that young people from China and the U.S. will have an open and tolerant attitude and view each other’s country in an objective and rational manner. He also hopes that they will enhance mutual understanding and trust through communication and lay a solid foundation for China-U.S. friendly relations.
The CPDA will build platforms for communication and exchanges between Chinese and American youngsters, and make unremitting efforts to promote the long-standing friendship between Chinese and American people, Wu said.


Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang attended the event and delivered a speech via video link. “Gen Z represents the future and hope. The world will belong to Gen Z and your future is infinite,” Qin said.
“No matter what you do in the future, I hope you can contribute to the bright future of China, the U.S. and the world,” he said.


“A bright future requires our understanding and tolerance,” the ambassador said, adding that China and the U.S. should communicate and listen to each other’s differences in a respectful and tolerant attitude. Gen Z should build a better bridge for friendly exchanges between China and the U.S., he noted.
“A bright future requires us to make good use of technology,” Qin said. Big data and artificial intelligence are double-edged swords. “If we use well, it transforms ourselves into ‘Iron Man’ and helps justice. On the contrary, it can become ‘Thanos’ and bring disasters to mankind,” the ambassador said, adding that both China and the U.S. are studying how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages so that technology can better benefit mankind.
As the “indigenous people” in the digital age, Gen Z should think about this important issue, he said.

秦刚表示,美好未来需要我们奉献爱心。今天对话会的中国举办地麻栗坡县是中国快速发展变迁为民造福的一个缩影。希望中美两国“Z世代”把爱更多奉献给世界。同时,美好未来更需要我们永葆青春之心。“Z世代”不仅代表年龄,更代表着富有朝气、积极向上、勇于进取的心态,从这个角度讲,我也有一颗年轻的心,和你们一样同属“Z世代”!让我们一起永葆青春!追逐梦想,一直酷下去!Let us stay young, stay dreaming, stay cool!

“A better future requires our dedication and love,” the ambassador said. Malipo County, where the dialogue was held in China, is a microcosm of China’s rapid development and its efforts to deliver benefits to the people. Qin said he hopes that Gen Z in China and the U.S. will dedicate more love to the world.
“A better future requires us to keep our youthful heart forever,” he said, adding that Gen Z not only represents age, but also a vigorous, positive and enterprising mentality.
“From this perspective, I also have a young heart and belong to Gen Z just like you. Let us stay young, stay dreaming, stay cool,” the ambassador said.


Cheng Yunchuan, Counsel at Level 1 of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, said at the dialogue that Malipo County is known for its picturesque landscape and talented people, and students in the county have the good wishes for conducting friendly exchanges with young people from all over the world.
“I am looking forward to seeing that young people have the opportunity to meet in colorful Yunnan and that you will contribute wisdom and strength to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and the American people and to building a better world that is filled with respect and love,” Cheng said.

美国罗阿诺克市议员乔·科布(Joe Cobb)在线上致辞中回顾了2018年难忘的云南之旅,称希望在不久的将来可以邀请来自云南的艺术家赴该市参观,扩大当地对云南艺术和文化的了解。科布表示,即使在全球和政治上的困难时期,对民间友谊的坚定信念可以克服任何障碍,这也是一种增进彼此关系的方式。

Joe Cobb, a member of the Roanoke City Council in the U.S. state of Virginia, recalled his visit to Yunnan in 2018 via video link, saying that he hopes to invite artists from Yunnan to visit Roanoke so that people in the city can better understand Yunnan’s culture and art. He also believes that the Chinese and U.S. people will uphold their firm faith in bilateral friendship and overcome any obstacles to enhance friendly relations.


Twelve young Chinese and American guests had discussions on four topics both online and offline, namely, Emerging Industry in China and the US from the perspective of Gen Zers, Sports Culture in China and the US Shared by Gen Zers, Internet Preferences of Chinese and the US Gen Zers, and Development and Social Changes in China and US Witnessed by Gen Zers.


Yang Shuyu, a famous Chinese basketball player, said at the dialogue that Gen Zers have the courage to try and experience, which are a major feature of the group. 
“Take me as an example. If I hadn’t tried basketball, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for it. I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is the courage to try and experience that allows us to discover our hidden potential, to discover new possibilities in life, and even to start a new ‘Gen Z’ trend,” Yang said.


Xingyue, an American social media influencer with YChina, a cross-border video channel network featuring Chinese culture, entertainment and technology through the eyes of foreigners living in China, said at the dialogue that Gen Zers are willing to learn about other countries, but they may have some misunderstandings. This issue still exists between China and the U.S. because of the lack of appropriate knowledge.
“To avoid being misled by some news reports, we need to have an open-minded attitude so that it’s easier for us to accept new concepts and ideas from each other,” Xingyue said, noting that humor can help people easily start a conversation when they feel embarrassed to talk about a particular topic.


Xiaoyao Sanren, an opinion leader on game on Bilibili, a popular Chinese video-sharing platform, believed that even minor changes during the development process of a new industry may lead to differences and misunderstandings, but these changes will eventually help promote understanding and social cohesion. Young people, passionate and unshackled as they are, represent the best hope for overcoming the initial resistance.
“Let’s reject the confrontation mentality, view our differences with some appreciation rather than hostility, and contribute our thoughts to a sound China-U.S. relationship,” the opinion leader said.

美国知名教育博主Andrew Cap在社交媒体上制作短视频,他在活动发言中称“希望与世界各地的人建立联系”。Andrew Cap称,对话是改善关系的关键,当我们真正听到彼此心声时就会意识到,无论来自哪个国家,我们都是人,虽然存在分歧,但大多数人都是真诚的,都拥有同样的希望和梦想。因此,像今天这样的对话会尤为重要,这有助于弥合中美双方的文化鸿沟。

Andrew Cap, an American opinion leader who makes short videos on social media in China, said at the dialogue that he hopes to connect with people all over the world.
“Conversations are the key to better relations because when we really hear each other talk from the heart, we realize no matter what country you come from, we are all human. You realize that although we have differences, most people are genuine and we have the same hopes and dreams,” Cap said, noting that the dialogue is of great significance, as it helps narrow cultural divides between China and the U.S.


After staging a performance for the event, young pipa artist Liu Qingyao said she enjoys benefits as a Gen Zer because she can spread traditional Chinese music she loves to every corner of the world through the internet.


The event was also attended by Jiang Xiaoyan, Deputy Director-General of the Information Department of China’s Foreign Ministry, CPDA Secretary-General Huo Ying, and Gao Hua, an official with the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, among other government officials.

“云南独腿篮球斗士”骆祥健、美国摄影师欧阳凯、职业街球运动员赵强、中国青年商业挑战赛(CYBL)联合创始人Jeff Niu、燕京学堂硕士研究生Sarah Brooker、燕京学堂学生Julia Cai以及美国汉语桥参赛学生Warner Hartnett等中美嘉宾均在对话会上分享精彩观点。

Chinese and American guests shared their views at the dialogue, including Luo Xiangjian, who pursues his basketball dream despite losing his right leg, American photographer Obermann (or Ouyang Kai in Chinese), professional streetball player Zhao Qiang, China Youth Business League (CYBL) co-founder Jeff Niu, Sarah Brooke, a master degree candidate of Yenching Academy at Peking University, Julia Cai, another student from Yenching Academy, and Warner Hartnett, who participated in Chinese Bridge contest.


Meanwhile, some students in Malipo County, the main venue of the dialogue, were invited to the event offline. These students also interacted with their counterparts at the event’s offline venue in the U.S. via video link. Together, they enhanced mutual understanding through various games and talent shows, showing their open attitude and sincerity to enhance friendship.


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