Hero returns
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2020-12-29
Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984. Warner Bros.

After waiting for films to release in a year full of delays, Wonder Woman 1984 eventually hit Chinese mainland theaters on Dec 18.

The first film was released in 2017 and succeeded as a big-budget hit for its stars and arguably the most beautiful and powerful female superhero (played by Gal Gadot) in the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s no wonder the sequel has been much-anticipated.

The sequel features a new adventure with Diana Prince, namely Wonder Woman. With the “help” of a mysterious stone, Wonder Woman “resurrects” her beloved Steve Trevor, while facing off against two all-new enemies.

“Gadot again brings an equal amount of vulnerability and strength to the role of Diana that gives Wonder Woman a uniquely dynamic screen presence,” Screen Rant noted.
“加朵再次展现了戴安娜这一角色脆弱与力量的绝妙平衡,使神奇女侠在银幕上散发着独一无二的魅力,”Screen Rant电影新闻网站评论道。

In the film, Gadot is a superhero, but she couldn’t turn the tide of reality, in regard to the film’s relatively dismal box office performance.

“Wonder Woman 1984 suffered a weak weekend debut in China, where it earned a mere $19 million (about 124 million yuan) in ticket sales, or less than half of what Hollywood had expected ... while the first movie amassed $38 million (about 249 million yuan) over its opening weekend in China,” The New York Post reported.

“The biggest problem with 1984 is there’s just too much of, well, everything ... the action-packed, heartwarming flick hits more than it misses,” USA Today commented.

But if what you wish for this season is high spirits and earnest emotions ... well, consider it granted, critic Justin Chang said.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Yue (Intern) AND Wang Xingwei)
Sequel  续集
Resurrects  使复活
Vulnerability  脆弱
Dismal  低迷的
Debut  首映
Flick  镜头